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PEO Group

A one-stop solution for all your laundry needs.

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Our Suppliers


At Braun, we consistently build laundry equipment that has simple utility and designed to improve operational efficiency. In our 70-year history, we have expanded and enhanced our core product lines.


SpeedQueen is the world’s largest commercial laundry company. Our commercial-grade construction is rugged and dependable. Our practical designs make laundry owners’ lives simpler and more productive.  


JENSEN assist heavy-duty laundries worldwide and provide quality textile services economically. We supply sustainable single machines, systems, and integrated solutions to the laundry industry.


IMESA’s products include washing machine, dryers, tandem, flatwork ironers, drying ironers, and P-Line. Our products main features are technological innovation, operating efficiency and low environmental impact.


From high-end resorts to the most powerful commercial laundries in the industry, the world’s leading organizations turn to the leader in innovative flatwork finishing equipment, Chicago.


With sixty years of history and experienced personnel, DANUBE is a leader in the global supply of professional laundry equipment to clean-room, on-premises, and coin-operated laundries.


Union offer the dry-cleaning industry a full line of machines that are noted for their innovative designs, cutting edge technology, and safety of operation.


Huebsch’s commercial laundry equipment is known for unmatched efficiency and performance. Our products include vended, on-premises, and light commercial laundry machines.


Trevil designs and manufactures professional ironing equipment and electric steam generators for industrial use. Our products are technologically innovative, exceptional in quality, and exceeds the highest European standards.


With over three decades of experience in designing and building skid systems, Fulton has become a single source manufacturer for custom pre-piped heat transfer equipment and accessories.


Unimac is the world’s leading manufacturer of on-premises laundry equipment. We build our products for durability, providing laundry solutions to industries of all types and sizes.