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PEO Tech

Service is our profession.






 About  Us

PEO Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 alongside PEO Group Co., Ltd. with the same attention and commitment to quality and efficiency, albeit with a focus on other industrial products such as lubrication systems, wheels, and coatings. To us, the keys to our success are Quality, Customer loyalty, and Exceptional services.     


We began by selling high-quality lubrication systems from the USA to industrial sugar mills around Thailand and have since expanded to selling and servicing coatings for automotive, especially to many showrooms of reputable brands such as Toyota and Isuzu. As of current, we are also selling castor wheels for shopping carts, handling equipment, and medical trolleys for hospitals, hotels, factories, and shopping malls. As each of our products are crucial to the operations of our customers, we only supply the equipment from the very best international producers.


For each group of our products, we also have a specialized service team ready at your service. We understand the specific nature of our market and have thus prioritized our service to be able to respond quickly and effectively to get our customers back up and running at moment’s notice.


We aspire to continue our over 2 decades of success and grow alongside our esteemed suppliers and customers in the future to come. 


Our Suppliers


Air Sentry Breathers offer breather adapters, desiccant breathers, and filter cartridges that reduce particulate and moisture contamination. Our product decreases skyrocketing maintenance costs and equipment failure.


NobleLift is a Chinese leading manufacturer and service provider engaged in the research, production, and sales of light industrial trucks and electric storage vehicles.


Star Rollen supply high quality castor and wheels for both local and international markets in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Pacific Region. We guarantee stringent quality control and on-time delivery.


DropsA produce centralized lubrication systems and components that shaped the industry. We develop high performance, simple-to-use products that address customer applications in a cost-effective manner.


Whitmore manufacture high performance lubricants, friction modifiers, rail lubrication equipment, lubrication management systems, coatings, sealants and cleaners designed to meet the specific needs of each industry and application.


HIGHBRIGHT designs and manufactures retail shopping trolley and shopping baskets. We cooperated with big-chain supermarkets in Europe, America, and Australia.


KATS Coatings is manufacturer of water-based, environmentally friendly, fast drying permanent and temporary coatings. Our non-solvent protective coatings are for automotive, industrial, commercial, construction and agricultural industries.


Three Fish is a leading supplier of industrial and medical institutions in castors and wheels. We offer a wide range of products from light duty to heavy duty.


Shajiabang’s cargo trolley is known for its high quality and durability. Our factory manufacture and supply commercial equipment for customers and investors.


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