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Ever since the establishment of MediquiptPR Co., Ltd. in 2000, it had been our aim to provide both doctors and patients with the very best equipment from around the world at their doorstep. We understand that these technological advancements are crucial to facilitate medical operations and to a certain extent, in saving patient’s lives.

Our products range from operating tables, hospital beds, electric delivery tables, medical trolleys, and ambulances. 

Over the past 16 years, we've assisted many well-known hospitals around the country with our equipment and technical expertise and had helped saved many lives It is our mission to allow more patients to receive the necessary services by providing hospitals and clinics with the required medical devices and equipment.


Our Suppliers

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    Aurion manufactures a multifunctional and revolutionary line of medical trolleys from Italy. With innovative design, superior quality, and complete accessories. we are the ideal solution to your needs.

  • Compass Healthcare focuses on solutions for providing safe, multifunctional, and easy to assemble homecare and medical bed. 

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    Famed produces delivery beds designed for patients in maternity gynecology wards. We are known for medical equipment of high-quality, affordability, and reliability.

  • Qinlian Medical Appliances develop, manufacture, and various hospital furniture including but not limited to the following: hospital beds, stretcher trolley, bedside cabinet, medicine trolley, and many more.

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    Sturdy bring clients the most advanced medical product such as operating table, operating lamp, ultrasonic cleaner, ENT instrument, and EMS product handpiece.

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